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As a sponsor you. . .

1. Show a child you care about them, not just by giving money, but by writing each month.
2. Provide a child the education he/she needs to change their future and lives forever.
3. Learn a lot about yourself and your child through letters, visits, or just the joy of giving a child hope and the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Sponsorships Provide. . .
In addition to school tuition, funding can provide for extra classes, medical insurance, dental care, school supplies, nutrition, clothing, and other needs. It also allows you to build a relationship with a child and family, become an extension of their family, and be an encourager and close friend. You will follow the progress of the child and be able to communicate your and/or God’s love for the child.

Vuong Nhi (5)

Hundreds of students from families in the countryside come to DaNang City for studying at college or university every year. They meet difficulties in housing, daily needs, study and living environment.
Besides providing homes for poor Christian students, L.O.V.E. also has programs helping the students to mature in faith and character in a Christian family where they are trained and experience real fellowship. We also welcome non-Christian students to come here to study. In God’s grace, we hope more student housing will be opened in the future.
It is among these university students that we believe the future of God’s Church in Vietnam rests, therefore we are committed to help with their housing needs, training and mentoring. Most of these students will be actively involved in several outreaches a year, both in Da Nang and other cities, to reach out to others in the name of Jesus and also to attend summer work/study camps, etc.


When a child or family comes to us for help, we will visit that family and determine if they are truly needy. They fill out an application and the child profiles you see in our Sponsorship page.

Sometimes the family is not as needy, but needs a little help to keep the child in school. There may have been an accident or serious illness and they need temporary help. To these we may give a scholarship to help through this difficult period, but we will not list them as needing a sponsor. These funds are provided from our General Fund, Scholarship Providers, or designated gifts.

Other assistance for unsponsored children includes bikes, school uniforms, text-books, school supplies, and camps and other activities for poor children at Christmas, Tet, or summer vacation, as well as other needs as necessary.


L.O.V.E. helps with hospital fees, medicine, operations, glasses, dental, and eye care for unsponsored children or other poor people. We also supply remote communities with medical kits.

L.O.V.E. sponsors Dental Missions to remote areas using local & foreign dentists and other volunteers which includes applying sealants to children's teeth, examinations, cleaning, extractions, fillings, teaching dental hygiene, and providing tooth brushes and paste. We provide this locally here in DaNang without charge through a local dentist, but to reach people in remote areas it costs $500 (extractions only) to $1,500 if we add filling teeth and sealants for children, for each trip.

Medical Kits

We provide this assistance as funds allow (funding for these programs comes from our General Fund or designated gifts).

Sometimes, parents come to us for help for their small children who are malnourished, and we try to help with rice and/or milk.

There are also the handicapped and elderly who do not have family that come to us for rice.

You may earmark a gift to go directly to one of these needs.

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Disaster Relief: In case of disasters like typhoons and flooding, L.O.V.E. will assist in any way we can, including providing food and medical needs, blankets and clothing, as well as working with other organizations.

Other Needs
- Eye exams & glasses for a child.
- Rent for a small room.
- Gas stoves...most cook over wood or charcoal, filling the house with smoke.
- Bicycles.
- Rent for a 2-3 room house.
- Funds to dig a well or roof a small house.
- Build a small house for a family of 3.

HOPE Scholarships

We Have Two New Programs!

L.O.V.E. is very excited to share with you our two newest programs, both of which give a much needed helping hand to ethnic minority people in the mountainous regions near Da Nang.

Medical Kits
HOPE Scholarships

L.O.V.E. offers many other activities to our children such as summer camps, parties, and workshops.
Click below to see a report of our recent workshop for some of our high school seniors

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