Support a Child or Family

You can transform a child's life for less than a dollar a day!


We have four options available:

1. Sponsor a child/children.

2. Sponsor a child's family.

3. Provide a scholarship for an unsponsored child.

4. HOPE Scholarship Program

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Currently Sponsored Children

Sponsorship Program Profiles

The children listed below need sponsorships to help them stay in school.

(Scholarships will also be accepted.)

To sponsor a child, fill out an application.

(Available in online and printable versions.)

Click on a child's name to learn more.

A pop-up window or tab will open with the child's profile. (Must allow pop-ups).
* Indicates children who have been waiting over a year for a sponsor.

** These children and/or their families have special needs.

To sponsor a child, copy and paste his/her name into the application.

This page is updated periodically as children are sponsored, and new children are added to our program.
Please bookmark & check back regularly.

H Re Be Ka Ndu

Is Sponsored

Thank you!

Huynh Ngoc Bao Hung

Is Sponsored

Thank you!

Huynh Thi Thuy Nga

Is Sponsored

Thank you!

Le Minh Trang

Is Sponsored

Thank you!

Ly Thi Phuong

Is Sponsored

Thank you!

Nguyen Thien Kim Quoc

Is Sponsored

Thank you!

Nguyen Thinh Nhat Trang

Is Sponsored

Thank you!

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Sponsorship pledges are easy to pay online.

For your convenience, you can set up automatic monthly payments.
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There are always other needs
. . . other ways you can help.

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L.O.V.E.'s commitment to our sponsors and to the children and their families:

1. We will send progress reports twice a year and when special needs occur such as severe illness. 

2. We will translate all correspondence between you and the child.

3. We will deliver letters, packages, etc. (many cannot receive mail at their homes).

We encourage sponsors to:

1. Be faithful in your financial commitment.

2. Build a relationship with the child/family:

- For those who provide a scholarship we will have letters or emails to the child translated twice a year.

- For those who sponsor a a child, children, or a family we will have letters or emails to the child translated once a month.

- Generously share your Christian faith!

3. Send gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and Tet, when you can. (Or send us the money and tell us what to buy...that is usually more cost effective.)



We also have the option of providing a Scholarship for a child in lieu of full sponsorship.
Choose a child from the profiles above and note on the application that this is a Scholarship.

Interim Scholarship Option: You may choose to provide a scholarship for a child until they are sponsored full-time. If you choose this option, we will leave their profile on the Sponsorship page. When a full-time sponsor chooses your child, we will notify you to end your scholarship provision for that child, or you may choose another child.

HOPE Scholarship Program: This program supports ethnic minority children in mountain villages near Da Nang. Click here to learn more.


How Funds Are Spent

Table Item Descriptions
Monthly Stipend

This will pay for school fees and most other required fees. In addition, sponsored children will be able to take extra classes needed for improved scores.

Reserve Fund

This is a fund within LOVE that we can draw from to provide a school uniform and textbooks for each child, and to help our children with medical, dental, emergencies, nutrition and other needs.


This covers the cost of salaries, office supplies, etc. LOVE charges a 20% administrative fee on all sponsorships and 10% for scholarships, student houses and extra donations to a child. This money is needed to pay staff salaries, office costs and supplies and to help support other programs such as medical, dental and scholarships for children not yet sponsored.

Extra Gifts

Money sent for gifts (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) or other needs: We survey the child’s needs (and wants) to buy the best gifts. We often take the child shopping to see they get value per dollar. In most cases, we advise against giving more than a few dollars directly to the child in cash because they spend it unwisely, or a parent may take the money for cigarettes or beer, etc..

Come Visit Us in Viet Nam!

Our sponsors are always welcome & encouraged to come to Vietnam and visit their sponsored child.

Other Needs

$70 will buy a gas stove...most cook over wood or charcoal, filling the house with smoke.

$80 will buy a bicycle.

$90 - $120 to rent a small room.

$150 - $200 to rent a 2-3 room house

$500 to dig a well or roof a small house.

$5,000 - $10,000 will build a 300 sq. ft. house for a family of 3.

- add $1000 to enlarge for each additional 150 sq. ft.

- cost is about 50% higher in remote areas.

$110 - $220/month will provide medical supplies to remote villages.

NOTE: These costs are averages and can vary considerably depending on area and current economy.