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Easy ways you can share our ministry with friends, family, church members,

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Attach our website address,, to your email signature,
and link to us from your websites.

Organize a "L.O.V.E. Day" for your church or other group, showcasing our ministry, and using games, displays, and other resources to grow interest in our efforts to provide aid in Vietnam.

Brochures are available to help you share our ministry:

Front page / Back page - jpeg version
PDF version


Power Point Presentation

We have a Power Point Presentation available for your use to promote our work in Vietnam.
This is copyrighted, but freely distributed.

You can download the English language presentation here.

Note: This is a large file.

1. Choose "Open" (or save the whole file).

2. Once the program downloads and opens, open LOVEEnglish.ppt

3. Go to the top toolbar, click on "Slide Show", then "View Show".

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And above all:
Please pray for our labors in Vietnam and for L.O.V.E.'s Staff and Board Members for guidance and wisdom, and to always minister God’s love and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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At, choose L.O.V.E. as your favorite charity.
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