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Transform a child's life

with a $200/year scholarship!


There are 3 minority tribe areas near Da Nang where very poor children need scholarships:

Quang Ngai, Kon Tum, and A Luoi

This scholarship helps children:

+ Pay the tuition fee for the full school year.

+ Buy essential school items like books, notebooks, pens and even a pair of shoes.

The scholarships are for poor and orphaned children living in remote mountainous areas in Vietnam. These are dry, poor and hard-to-earn lands. They mostly live in conditions of lack of water, light, and food. Going to school barefoot is normal, but going to high school is rare.

This program not only helps these needy children have a better education to change their lives, but also brings light to their spirit and soul. It will also help local churches with more opportunities to share the Gospel and express God's love to many troubled, hopeless lives. It is good to help a child and his/her family improves both physically and spiritually for the better.

That's our mission and we need you!

In addition, we have a new and very practical program called
to provide study gift packets (including notebooks, backpacks, shoes and school supplies) to more than 500 orphans and poor children in remote areas.


For tribal communities, the need for assistance with food, water and education is a necessity because they are very poor. That need becomes even more urgent in remote mountainous areas, where Christians are persecuted by family members/others. They are ethnic minorities and lived mainly with the support and help of the local people. But since they believe in God, all supports were stopped and they faced many difficulties in daily living as well as school fees for their children.

Children there face the problem of having to drop out of school if they do not have money for school fees and other necessities for learning. Even so, they still do not deny their faith in Jesus. All the children we have met there loved going to school and they said they dream of continuing to go to school. Their tuition is not so high as in the city and they also don't have extra classes like other children but for their current situation the annual school fees, books and school supplies are too much for many of these families.

There are fathers who have to leave the family to work far away to be able to send money back to support their wives and children. But their income is often still too low to keep the children in school.

HOPE Program Profiles

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A But
A Bong
Dinh Thi Phung
Ho Thi Na Ri
Le Nguyen Thuy Lien

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Tổ chức L.O.V.E. cam kết :

 1. Gởi báo cáo hai lần một năm và khi có sự kiện đặc biệt như bệnh tật hiểm nghèo.

 2. Làm cầu nối giúp bạn liên lạc thường xuyên với trẻ.

 3. Trao tân tay thư từ, quà tặng ... (địa chỉ cần rõ ràng để nhận thư).

Chúng tôi khuyến khích bạn:

 1. Giữ vững cam kết tài chính.

 2. Xây dựng mối liên hệ giữa bạn với trẻ/gia đình trẻ:
a. Đối với học bổng, bạn có thể viết thư hoặc thư điện tử đến trẻ của mình ít nhất hai lần mỗi năm, nếu được có thể chia xẻ niềm tin của mình với trẻ.
b. Đối với bảo trợ trẻ, bạn có thể viết thư hoặc thư điện tử đến trẻ của mình mỗi tháng một lần, nếu được có thể chia xẻ niềm tin của mình với trẻ.

 3. Gửi quà sinh nhật, quà giáng sinh, quà Tết nếu có thể
 - hoặc gửi tiền cho chúng tôi và nói bạn cần mua gì…phương cách này luôn thuận lợi hơn.