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L.O.V.E.'s Journey

Mr. Reggie Coward is L.O.V.E.'s Founder. He resided in Vietnam from August, 2000 until July, 2016, and now resides in the U.S.

"Mr. Reggie" is a retired mathematics teacher.  He taught math from 1960-2000.

He holds a B.A. Degree from Elon College (1960), a M.A.T. Degree from Duke University (1972), and received a M.Th. Degree from Liberty Bible College (1981), the same year he began to help in the resettlement of  S. E. Asian refugees.

Reggie was saved in 1972 and directed a coffee house in Norfolk, Va. called "The Way INN", an outreach to troubled teens into drugs and gangs, until 1979, when he moved to Pensacola, FL to study at Liberty Bible College. While teaching, he also sponsored a Christian Club called Brothers And Sisters In Christ, or B.A.S.I.C.

Coward Family, 2014
Chi, Hannah, Reggie, Anna

Mr. Reggie worked with World Relief Commission in the mid-eighties finding sponsors and helping in the resettlement of many families. The goal was always to help families and children. In 1996 he was asked to start an interdenominational church and pastored until he moved to Vietnam in August, 2000.


His first trip to Vietnam was in 1998 and he returned again in 1999 providing aid to many. Aid included schooling for a deaf-mute child and help to an orphanage for mentally and emotionally handicapped in Saigon, as well as aid for the leper village, Nui San, in Nha Trang, and many street children and poor in Da Nang. The work in Da Nang included funds for another orphanage, houses for the poor, digging wells, providing heart and other operations, wheel chairs, etc.



In 2001, L.O.V.E. was incorporated and found a Vietnamese partner as required by Vietnamese law. L.O.V.E. chose the Street Children Program of Da Nang (SCP) as its partner because of the sincere love its members have for the poor, and its experience - they have worked with street children since 1991. They operate five children’s homes (called "families"). Each cares for thirty children. Here they have a "mother", a "father", and two cooks. They are loved, trained, clothed, fed, have a bed, go to school, and have help with homework. SCP has its own vocational center with three locations, night school, and other programs.

This was L.O.V.E.'s first full year working in Vietnam. We provided scholarships for 90 children, sponsored two medical teams and provided other medical and financial assistance...a small but needed beginning.


2002 - 2009

From 2002 to 2008, with the prayers and financial assistance of many of you, L.O.V.E.. was able to help more and more children and poor families. It was in this period that our first student house was started. In 2008 we had 9 student houses, providing free housing and spiritual oversight to 60 university students from rural areas around Da Nang, Quang Nam and other providences. This grew to 12 houses in 2009.

By 2008, seventy-five children were being sponsored, in addition to our scholarship and food programs, keeping L.O.V.E. busy with translating letters between sponsors and children in addition to our scholarship, medical/emergency, nutrition, and student housing programs. To date, sponsors have built or renovated more than 15 homes. By 2009, we'd begun to hire Vietnamese nationals to help with the work load, in addition to our volunteers.



Year 2010 began the 12th year of work.  By this time we had over 300 children, families, and students under our Sponsorship and Scholarship Programs, and have several University Student Houses, while maintaining our Dental and Medical programs. Our staff consists of volunteers and paid Vietnamese nationals.


L.O.V.E. continued to maintain the number of beneficiaries including children, families and students at about 300. The number of student houses increases to 9. This is the year marking a vital milestone in expanding our sponsorship program and meantime, L.O.V.E. organized an amazing summer camp for all sponsored children with nearly 300 attendants. It was an indelible camp with the theme “IT’S ME”. Since 2011, L.O.V.E. has delivered more blessings to poor and needy families in remote mountainous areas outside Danang through many humanitarian mission trips.


While there was a small increase in sponsorships this year, the medical/ emergency aids, and extra support of L.O.V.E. were on the increase and hit its peak. In 2017, L.O.V.E. provided nearly 500 extra helps including fixing roofs, giving school/college fees, extra class fees, household baskets, and career guidance. In addition, L.O.V.E. made 4 humanitarian mission trips to over 400 poor families and people in the provinces of Quang Ngai, Quang Nam and Danang.

2018 Merit Award Winner!

Love Of Vietnam Expressedis deeply honored to receive the Certificate of Merit given by the People’s Committee of Danang city for its excellent contributions to humanitarian & social assistance in the year 2018.


A Message From Our Founder, Mr. Reggie:

I began ministering to Asians in 1973 when 2 Chinese students were placed in my math class. Soon they accepted Christ and I began my association with a Chinese church in Virginia. Then, after completing my Masters Degree in Theology in 1981, I began ministering to many boat people from Vietnam, then Cambodians and Laotians. God blessed my work. Then in 1998, I made my first mission trip to Vietnam, went again in 1999, and moved to Vietnam in 2000. During the early years, the country was very poor and the poverty was visible everywhere you looked.


Today, you will find the major cities very modern. As you ride down the streets, you no longer see the poverty because their houses have given way to roads and new buildings and the poor were relocated to other areas; yet, if you go to the back streets and allies, they are still there, and more poor than ever.  Two-digit inflation over the past few years means more poor children are forced to drop out of school and eat poorer diets.


Because of your love and support of many children, we see more and more graduating from high school and many going on to university, college or vocational school. But more than ever the children need your help. Many of you are giving support to 3, 4 or many more children. I would really encourage those of you who have only one child to take a step of faith and reach out to one more needy child this year.


Summary of Activities

Sponsorships: With your suggestion and encouragement, L.O.V.E. began this program in 2007 where you can now sponsor a child, communicate with the child and family monthly if you want, and follow the growth and progress of the child. We now have three levels of the program to serve a child, a university student, or a family.

Student Homes: L.O.V.E. provides homes for poor Christian students who come to Da Nang from families in the countryside. Here the students get free or reduced housing, Christian fellowship, and learn and grow in a Christian family setting and receive training by local churches to serve God. These houses are also open to non-Christians. Our sponsored students are both Christian and non-Christian.

Scholarships: This is the oldest of our programs. L.O.V.E. began this program in 2000, which provides a scholarship large enough to enable a child to stay in school. If you provide a scholarship, you can communicate with the child and family when the scholarship begins. You will receive a letter and progress report at the end of the school year.

Medical/Dental: Our goal is to provide four to six medical or dental missions each year and one humanitarian mission. We have been able to work with the local churches to send Christian doctors and nurses on numerous medical missions, and L.O.V.E.. directly sponsored one humanitarian mission. We have done several dental missions with local dentists in the past, but these missions require extra funding. Please pray for this need.

We now provide assistance to over 300 children through sponsorships and scholarships. This provides school fees, books, paper, pens, pencils, clothes and food. Most are in elementary school and all are from very poor families. They are referred to L.O.V.E. by the schools, SCP, local governments, and local churches. Each child is monitored as to health, attendance, behavior, and effort.

We serve families in Thang Binh, Dai Loc, Thanh Quyt, and Hoi An areas of Quang Nam Providence and all Districts of Da Nang. 

Visit us in Viet Nam! 

We'd love to host 2-3 mission teams each year.

Let us help you to come to Vietnam. (NO FEES ARE EVER CHARGED) – We can make local arrangements for groups or individuals who want to visit/help. Hotels begin at $5/nt.(clean, but no frills). If AC, TV, hot water are desired, then $10-$15 (2-3 guests to a room). A 3-star hotel runs $35 to $45 depending on the number in a room, time of year, and style of room. Food is $2-$10 a day per person. Email Reggie for arrangements. Individuals who wish to stay 3 months or longer may be able to stay even cheaper in a guest house or rented room. (All the above stated prices are best-guest estimates, and always subject to change.)

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