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Tran Hoang Nguyen Huyen Tran


January 4, 2008



School Level:


Favorite subject:

Civic Education

Dream/ Hobbies:


Number of Siblings:


Father's Occupation:

Does not provide (remarried)

Mother's Occupation:

Deserted (no contact)

Family Income/mo.:

$130 (grandma)

Children in School:


Living in the Home:




My parents divorced when my siblings and I were small. My mother left us and my father got remarried. Then, they have not contacted us anymore. Therefore, my grandmother has to take care of my siblings and me. We are living in a small rented room and my grandmother struggles everyday with many jobs to make a living, mostly manual work. Currently, she earns very little money by collecting scrap on the streets. Besides, my grandmother is suffering from gallstones and fatty liver, she has to take medicine regularly. I myself have a congenital cervical vertebra that makes my hands tremble and difficult to move normally, so I depend on my grandmother's care a lot. She alone covers all the family's expenses such as our studies's fees, medicine costs and the rent. It's a huge burden on my grandmother's shoulders.



My siblings and I are of school age. I am the eldest child and in grade 9. Even though I have a hand disability and my health is not as strong as other children, I have never been discouraged. I still study in a school for normal students and really enjoy school hours. I am very afraid of leaving school early because of my family's situation. I desire for a sponsorship so that I can follow my study to the end and my grandmother's burden is somewhat released. I am greatly thankful!

Family Members:

·   Huynh Thi Le Thuy (1965) - Grandmother - Scrap collector

·   Tran Hoang Nguyen Huyen Trang (2010) - younger sister - Grade 7

·   Tran Hoang Nguyen Huyen Tram (2012) - younger sister - Grade 5

·   Tran Hoang Nguyen Phuc Tri (2013) - youngest brother - Grade 3

L.O.V.E.'s Note: Although her sister is in our program, the family is still very needy. We do hope to be able to give the second sponsorship to the family. A family sponsorship is highly recommended.



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