Please Sponsor Me!  

Birthday: January 1, 2008

Gender: Female

School Level: Grade 9

Favorite Subject: Literature

Favorite activity: Reading books

Father: Livestock breeder

Mother: Teacher

Number of Siblings: 2

Children in School: 3

Pham Ngoc Hong Anh

Family Income: $205/mo.



I am living with my parents and two siblings. My father is a livestock breeder. He raises chickens and quails to earn money. His income is very unstable and precarious because of depending on the weather and avian diseases. Therefore, most of the income in my family comes from my mother, who works as a teacher at a disabled children’s centre far from our home. My siblings and I are of school age. Besides the cost of school fees for my brother and me, my parents have to pay for nutrition and kindergarten fees for my youngest sister. The burden of family finance is overloaded on my parents' shoulders.  



I am in grade 9 now and I will have the high school exam next year, so I am trying hard to study. I like reading books and one of my dreams is visiting many countries in the world and gaining more knowledge. My family and I are very longing to receive a sponsorship so that I can have a better education, pursue my dream and my parents' burden is somewhat released. I am very thankful!  


Family Members:

  • Pham Ngoc Khanh (1982) – Father
  • Cao Thi Kim Lien (1986) Mother
  • Pham Cong Ngoc Quoc (2006) – Brother – Grade 11
  • Pham Ngoc Khanh Duyen (2017) – Sister – Kindergarten


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  It seems that all expenses are covered by the mother because the father's work is extremely unstable and his health is also not good. The family does need help so that the children can finish schooling and have a brighter life. A child sponsorship is highly recommended.