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Birthday: July 2, 2009

Gender: Male

School Level: Grade 8

Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite activity: Football

Father: Unskilled labor

(Poor health)

Mother: Unskilled labor

Number of Siblings: 1

Children in School: 1

Pham Le Minh Tri

Family Income: $145/mo.



There are 5 people in my family, including my grandmother, my father, my step-mother, my younger sister and me. Several years ago, my father fell from an electric shock, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Moreover, he also suffers from a herniated disc, so my father's current health does not allow him to work. He just stays at home and takes care of my grandmother, who has a broken heart valve and needs to use medicine regularly. Therefore, my step-mother is the breadwinner and main earner in the family. Her income is low and unstable because she is just unskilled labor, working as a shrimp processor at a port. It is a huge burden on my stepmother's shoulders when she has to pay for many expenses, as well as medicine costs and tuition fees for my sister and me.



I am in grade 8 now. I really like school and my favorite subject is Math. Because of my family's condition, I do not have the opportunity to attend extra classes. Yet, I always try my best to study. I desire to finish university and find a good job in the future. I would like to receive a helping hand so that I can have a better education and fulfill my desire. Please help me! 


Family Members:

  • Pham Van Lam (1983) – Father
  • Zo Ram Thom (1986) – Step Mother
  • Pham Thanh Thao (2019) – Step Sister – Kindergarten
  • Pham Thi Bong (1955) – Grandmother


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  A family sponsorship is highly recommended.