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Birthday: May 31, 2010

Gender: Male

School Level: Grade 7

Favorite Subject: Math7

Favorite activity: Playing football

Father: Mason

Mother: Housewife

Number of Siblings: 3

Children in School: 3

Ong Nhat Trung

Family Income: $130/mo.



I am the second child out of four siblings and living with my parents and my grandmother. My father is a mason but his job is unstable and brings meager income, because he just can go to work on sunny days. He had his shoulder broken in a recent accident, so his health is not good as before, he cannot do heavy work. My mother has many diseases such as spinal pain, cervical cancer... so she often goes to the hospital and mostly stays at home to take care of my siblings and me. My grandmother is old and weak; she just helps my parents to do household chores. One of my brothers had burns and surgery. My family is currently facing many difficulties now.



I am in grade 6 and my next brother is in grade 3. My older brother dropped out of school a few months ago because of our family’s condition and his slow mind. I myself really want to go to school and follow my study to the end. However, I’m very afraid of leaving school early because I don’t know how long my father is able to work. It is very hard for my father to manage all expenses and costs in the family. To have a better study condition and a brighter future, my family and I do need your help. Please help me!


Family Members:

  • Phung Thi Phu (1959) – Grandma - farmer

  • Ong Nhat Linh (1980) – Father -

  • Dang Thi Thuy Linh (1986) – Mother

  • Ong Nhat Khanh (2006) – Brother

  • Ong Nhat Hieu (2013) – Brother

  • Ong Thi Ngọc Diep (2019) – Sister


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