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Birthday: February 28, 2007

Gender: Male

School Level: Grade 10

Favorite Subject: History, Physics

Favorite activity: Listening to music

Father: Passed away

Mother: Sewing assistant

Number of Siblings: 1

Children in School: 2

Nguyen Truong Tuan Lanh

Family Income: $130/mo.



My father passed away suddenly 3 years ago. Then, my mother became the breadwinner in the family. She alone takes care of me and my younger brother. My mother's main job is a sewing assistant, so her income is very low. It is beyond my mother's ability to cover all the family expenses. My brother and I also want to take extra classes to improve our studies but we cannot because these classes’ fees are also a big burden on my mother’s shoulder.



After this summer break, I will enter high school and my younger brother will be in grade 8. We are both studious students and hope to be a university or college student in the future, so that we can have chances to change life. Sometimes, I'm afraid to leave school early because of my family's difficult condition. I would like help to have the opportunity to go to school without being interrupted. Please help me.


Family Members:

  • Truong Thi My Nga (1983) – Mother

  • Nguyen Truong Tuan Duy (2008) – Brother – Grade 8


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