Please Sponsor Me!  

Birthday: June 20, 2013

Gender: Female

School Level: Grade 4

Favorite Subject: Arts

Favorite activity: Dancing

Father: Brick layer (epilepsy)

Mother: Housewife

Number of Siblings: 5

Children in School: 3

Nguyen Trang Ngoc Truc

Family Income: $173/mo.



My crowded family consists of my grandmother, my parents, 5 siblings and me. We are living in a small rented house. My grandmother is very old and she can just do some light household chores. My mother used to sell food, but now she just stays at home to take care of my siblings, including 2 newborn babies and me. Therefore, my father is the main earner in the family and he works as a bricklayer. He has epilepsy, needs to take medicine often and cannot work regularly. This makes his income unstable. My family is struggling a lot every day when my parents have to pay for the house rent and daily expenses.



I will move to grade 4 after this summer. My favorite subject is Arts because it is my method of self-expression and creativity. I really want to study at school, where I can learn many new things and have a fun time with friends. My two older brothers both go to school and my next brother is about to be a 1st grader after this summer. My 2 younger brothers also need a lot of nutrition. However, paying for our study costs and nutrition are beyond my parents’ ability. I am very afraid of leaving school early.  My family and I wish to receive a sponsorship that will surely help us a lot.


Family Members:

  • Nguyen Thi Mai (1952) – Grandmother
  • Nguyen Van Minh (1974) – Father 
  • Trang Thi Thanh (1980) – Mother
  • Nguyen Trang Anh Vu (2006) – Brother – Grade 11
  • Nguyen Trang Anh Tung (2008) – Brother – Grade 9
  • Nguyen Trang Anh Huy (2016) –  Brother – Grade 1
  • Nguyen Trang Anh Hoang (2019) – Brother
  • Nguyen Trang Anh Thanh (2021) – Brother




L.O.V.E.'s Note:  The mother with her 6 children. A family sponsorship is highly recommended. Her brother also needs help from us.