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Nguyen Quoc Thanh


May 20, 2013



School Level:

4 (in August)

Favorite subject:


Dream/ Hobbies:


Number of Siblings:


Father's Occupation:


Mother's Occupation:

Mentally illness

Family Income/mo.:

$86 (grandma)

Children in School:


Living in the Home:



My family consists of my grandma, my uncle, my mother, my younger sister and me. We are living in my grandma's old house. My mother is mentally ill, so she cannot work or help our family. My sister and I do not have the same father and do not know who our fathers are. Therefore, my grandma has to take care of both my mother, my sister and me. She grinds fish for people at the market, which brings an unstable and low income. My uncle also has a meager income, just enough for himself. He is a bricklayer that can only work on sunny days. All expenses are carried by my grandma, creating a huge burden beyond her ability.

I am about to be in grade 4 after this summer. I like to play football with my friends. I really want to follow my study to the end so that I can have a better future. Besides, my sister is only 4 years old and she needs lots of nutrition. My grandma cannot alone cover all the expenses. With current circumstances, I’m quite worried that my study will be interrupted. I really need help. Please help me!

    Family Members:

  • Nguyen Quoc Long (1997) – Uncle – Bricklayer

  • Nguyen Luu Tuyet Ngan (2018) – Sister

L.O.V.E.'s Note: 

The mentally ill mother with two children.

A family sponsorship is highly recommended.