Please Sponsor Me!


Nguyen Ngoc Kieu Trinh


February 20, 2009



School Level:

8 (in August)

Favorite subject:

Physical education, English

Dream/ Hobbies:


Number of Siblings:


Father's Occupation:

Passed away

Mother's Occupation:

Preschool teacher

Family Income/mo.:


Children in School:


Living in the Home:



My family used to live in Ho Chi Minh city. Unfortunately, my father passed away suddenly a few years ago. My mother alone could not hold on, so we returned to her hometown in Quang Nam. I am now living with my mother, my younger sister and my grandma in a relative's house. This is a small and run-down house. My mother is a preschool teacher with a low income because she works under a short term contract at a local kindergarten. My grandmother is old and she cannot do anything to earn money but plants some vegetables for food. All the family's expenses are covered by my mother alone and it is too much for her.

I am a studious student and usually get good scores at school. I love English and Physical Education. Last year, I won a small prize in an English speaking contest in my area. I will enter grade 8 after this summer and my sister is still in kindergarten. Our study fees are a big concern for my mother. I still do not stop trying to study every day despite my family's difficult situation, because I know I can have a better life thanks to education. But I do not know how long my mother can hold on. I do hope to receive a helping hand from you so that my study will not be interrupted and I can have a brighter life. Please help me! 

Family Members:

  • Tran Thi Minh Hoa (2017) – Sister – Kindergarten

L.O.V.E.'s Note: A family sponsorship is highly recommended.