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Birthday: December 17, 2014

Gender: Male

School Level: Grade 3

Favorite Subject: Math, Vietnamese

Favorite activity: Model assembly

Father: Mechanic (w/herniated disc)

Mother: Housewife

Number of Siblings: 1

Children in School: 1

Le Trung Phuc

Family Income: $195/mo.



I am living with my grandmother, my parents and my brother in a small house. My father is the only worker in the house. He is a mechanic but he cannot go to work regularly because he has a herniated disc which makes his legs hurt a lot. My father cannot walk or stand normally, and he cannot do heavy work anymore. Therefore, his income is very unstable and low. My mother has just given birth, and my grandmother has epilepsy, so my mother can’t work and has to stay at home to take care of my grandmother and my new born brother. Right now, my family is in a very difficult situation. 



After this summer break, I will enter grade 3. I love school because I can learn many new things and have a fun time with friends. I also dream of becoming a football player. Because of my family’s condition, I do not have a chance to take extra classes. Besides, there's also a shortage of food in my house. I desire to receive help to ease the heavy burden on my parents’ shoulders and my learning path is guaranteed.


Family Members:

  • Truong Thi Thao Ly (1970): Grandmother w/epilepsy

  • Le Trung Phuong (1993): Father w/herniated disc

  • Truong thi Thien Huong (1992): Mother

  • Le Trung Phuc Nguyen (2021): Brother