Please Sponsor Me!  

Birthday: October 8, 2014

Gender: Male

School Level: Grade 2

Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite activity: Drawing,
swimming, and basketball

Father: Deserted

Mother: Unskilled worker

Number of Siblings: 0

Children in School: 1

Le Phi Truong

Family Income: $108/mo.



My father My father left my mother and me many years ago and has not contacted us anymore. I now live with my mother together with my grandparents in their house. My mother tries to do various manual jobs to make a living. Now, she is working at a small restaurant as a  waitress. This job just brings her low income, not enough to pay for all the family's expenses. Only my mom can work, my grandparents are both old and often sick. She herself has Basedow, making her hands tremble and her heart beat fast. She has to take medicine regularly to maintain her health. I also have autism, so I need a lot of care from my mother. All the living expenses, tuition fees, and medical expenses are on my mother's shoulders.



I am a slow-paced person suffering from autism. My speaking ability is slower than my peers with a soft voice and slow. I am now in grade 2 at a primary school. With all my efforts, I got good achievements. Despite suffering from autism, I have a good sense of colour. I love drawing and colouring my painting with crayons in my leisure time. Fine art (drawing) is one of 3 favourites at schools after English and Maths. Sadly I have no English comic books at the age of 7 to help me improve my reading skills. I am fancy with playing lego games and drawing outside school. I would love to take part in swimming, martial arts, and drawing classes outside school.

Please help me so that I can have a chance to take part in activities to improve my health. I believe that taking out activities makes me more clever and develops skills for children who are slow-pace like me.

Family Members:

  • Le Van Cu (1958) – Grandfather

  • Dang Thi Phuong (1965) – Grandmother

  • Le Thi Hien (1990) – Mother

L.O.V.E.'s Note: Alone the mother takes care of everything, from household expenses to caring for her parents and son. A family sponsorship is highly recommended.

Suggestion: We would appreciate if you could offer Truong English comic books/self-help books for children with autism like him/drawing and clouring books. We believe that it would help him improve his skills a lot by these books. It would be so nice if you could support him with lego games. We are expected playing lego is one of the best ways to inspire creativity at his early age learning development. Thank you so much for your warm heart and kind support!

  Updated 9/2022