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Birthday: June 21, 2016

Gender: Female

School Level: Grade 1

Favorite Subject: Arts

Favorite activity: Music

Father: Deserted

Mother: Street vendor

Number of Siblings: 1

Children in School: 2

Hoang Thien An

Family Income: $150/mo.


My mother, my younger sister and I are living in my grandmother's small and old house with three other members. My father left us when my sister was born and he never contacted us anymore. My family has many people, but only my mother works because my sister and I are young, and other members are mentally ill. My mother is a street vendor and she sells small cakes on the streets in the morning. This is an unstable and risky job that can only be done in the dry season, so it brings very low income. Besides my two sisters, my mother has to take care of my grandmother, uncle and aunt. It's beyond my mother's ability to cover all family expenses, such as school fees, food and medicine costs.



I have entered grade 1 and my sister is still in kindergarten. We are both active girls at school. We love school, where we can learn many things and have a fun time with our friends. However, our study costs are a big worry for my mother and she is struggling very hard every day to take care of the family’s expenses and mentally ill members. I really love my mother and do hope to receive a helping hand so that my family's condition is less difficult and my learning path is secured. Please help me!


Family Members:

·      Hoang Thi Huong (1954) – Grandmother – Mentally ill

·   Hoang Duc Vu (1983) – Uncle – Mentally ill

·   Hoang Thi Lan (1986) – Aunt _ Mentally ill

·   Hoang Thi Ly (1990) – Mother – Street Vendor

·   Hoang Thien Phuc (2017) – Sister – Kindergarten


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  Although the girl is little, she is very smart and eager to learn. She has only entered 1st grade but the school fees are also a hardship for her mother. They cannot afford to pay all school fees. A family sponsorship is highly recommended.