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Birthday: January 1, 2004

Gender: Female

School Level: 1st/4 year University

Major Subject: Chinese

Desired profession: Interpreter

Father: Farmer

Mother: Farmer

Children in School: 6

H Rachel Bya

Family Income: $130/mo.



My family has a total of 6 people, including my parents, my 3 siblings and me. We are living in a remote mountainous area, where plants and animals are barely able to grow. My parents are farmers with meager income, just enough for daily food. My siblings and I are of school age. Because of our studies, my twin brother and I have moved to Da Nang to live with my oldest sister. We are trying to do some part-time jobs to earn money to pay for the rent. She has set an example for us in learning because where we live, children often can't afford to go to college. In order to fulfill our dream of studying, my parents have to borrow money. Currently, my parents' health has deteriorated, as well as not being able to cover both our study fees and living expenses in the family. We are facing many difficulties.



My twin brother and I are freshmen. My brother's major is IT and my major is Chinese. I want to be an interpreter in the future. Our tuition fees are so high and far beyond my family's ability to pay. We really love schooling and know that education can help us change our life for the better. However, I am very afraid of not completing my study. My family and I look forward to receiving help so that I can keep schooling and my family's burden is somewhat released. We sincerely thank you! 


Family Members:

  •  Y Sueh Bkrong (1971) – Father

  • H Cuit Bya (1974) – Mother

  • H Jeska Bya (2000) – Sister – 4th year student

  • Y Yoel Bya (2004) – Twin brother – Freshman

  • Y Thien Bya (2007) – Brother – Grade 10


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  This family is one of the typical families of the village where they live in terms of having children going to university. At present, her oldest sister is also in our program but the family is very needy because of 4 school-age children. A family sponsorship is highly recommended.