Please Sponsor Me!  

Birthday: April 20, 2003

Gender: Female

School Level: 2nd/4 year University

Major Subject: English Language

Desired profession: Interpreter

Father: Farmer

Mother: Farmer

Children in School: 1

H'Lie Bya

Family Income: $164/mo.



My family is an ethnic minority living in a poor mountainous area. There are five people in my family, including my parents, my two older brothers and me. My parents are both farmers with meager income because the crop depends on the season and the weather. My oldest brother has a mental illness and needs lots of care from my parents. Because of my family's difficult circumstances, my second brother had to leave school early and go to work. He is now a labor export worker in Japan and his salary is just enough for him to struggle in a distant country. I desire for a better future, so I do my best to study, but my university's tuition puts a heavy burden on my parents' shoulders. They cannot afford to pay for my high tuition fees, which makes me feel very worried about stopping schooling halfway.



I am in my 2nd year at university, majoring in English language. I want to be an interpreter in the future. I am so happy to go to school and want to be an inspiration for many children in my village to pursue higher education. My university is in Da Nang, so I have moved here and lived in a rented room with some other friends. Therefore, not only my tuition fees but also the living cost in the city are a big concern for my parents and me. I will be very grateful if I can receive a sponsorship so that my study can be guaranteed. Please help me! 


Family Members:

  • Y Nguin E Ban (1967) – Father
  • H Kar Bya (1969) – Mother
  • Y Van Bya (1993) – Brother (Mentally ill)
  • Y Xua Bya (2000) – Brother – Labor Export Worker
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L.O.V.E.'s Note:  A family sponsorship is highly recommended.