Please Sponsor Me!  

Birthday: February 17, 2004

Gender: Female

University Level: 1st/4 years

Major: English/Education

Desired Profession: English Teacher

Father: No contact

Mother: Farmer

Number of Siblings: 0

Children in School: 1

Dao Thi Vy

Family Income: $65/mo.



My mother and I are living in a poor rural area. My mother is a farmer. She is old and unable to work regularly. Her income is unstable and meager because the crop is affected a lot by the weather. Things got harder when I passed into a university. Though it is great news, my mother and I are very worried about the tuition fees as well as my living cost because my university is located in another city and I have to rent a room near it. My mother cannot afford to pay for my tuition fees and we are really in need.



I am really interested in English and want to be a teacher in the future. That's why I choose to learn my current major - English Language Teacher Education. I am taking a part time job to pay for my rented room, but I'm very concerned about the cost of studying. I wish for a helping hand so that I can finish my studies, have a chance to
fulfil my dream and my family's burden is somewhat released. I sincerely thank you!


Family Members:

  • Dao Thi Nhung (1963) – Mother


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  A family sponsorship is highly recommended.