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Birthday: May 13, 2015

Gender: Female

School Level: Grade 2

Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite activity: Chess

Father: Electronics repair

Mother: Garment worker

Number of Siblings: 3

Children in School: 3

Dang Vu Khanh Huyen

Family Income: $304/mo.



There are six people in my family: my parents, my 3 sisters and me. My father is an electronics repairman that works freelance. People bring their broken electrical stuff to my home and my father will fix them and earn money from that. His income is very low, passive and unstable because now people have their stuff repaired at big stores instead of repairmen like my father. Therefore, most of the expenses in the house depend on my mother. She is a garment worker. My family is struggling a lot to pay for our daily living costs and also my sisters' and my studies costs.



After this summer, I will enter grade 2. My favorite subject is Math because I find this subject very interesting and especially calculations. I also enjoy playing chess with my classmates. My two older sisters and I are of school age. Our study costs are a big concern for my parents. Besides, my youngest sister is small and she needs lots of nutrition. All of us love school and we do hope to have a better education so that we can have a bright future. My family and I long for your help. I sincerely thank you. 


Family Members:

  • Dang Xuan Tam (1981) – Father
  • Vu Thi Ai Diem (1982) – Mother
  • Dang Vu Khanh Nhu (2008) – Sister – Grade 9
  • Dang Vu Khanh Nhi (2012) – Sister – Grade 5
  • Dang Vu Le Vi (2020) – Younger sister


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