Please Sponsor Me!  

Birthday: April 3, 2016

Gender: Male

School Level: Grade 1

Favorite Subject: English

Favorite activity: Music

Father: Disabled (scoliosis)

Mother: Unskilled labor

Number of Siblings: 1

Children in School: 2

Dang Van Loi

Family Income: $108/mo.



There are 4 people in my family, including my parents, my younger brother and me. We are living in a room of several square meters that belongs to the back part of my grandmother's house. My father used to do some odd jobs to earn little money. Last year, he had a motorbike accident that broke his spine and it took him many months in the hospital to be treated. After that, my father's health has gotten weaker and he cannot work anymore. So, my mother becomes the breadwinner in the family. She is a scrap collector with very precarious and meager income. My mother also has asthma, so she cannot work regularly. I myself have a congenital heart disease, have had surgery in the past through a humanitarian program, and now need to take regular check ups every month. My younger and I are in school so surely, this is a very heavy burden laid on my mother’s shoulders. We all look forward to receiving a helping hand.



I am in grade 1 and really love school, where I can learn many new and interesting things. My younger brother is attending a kindergarten. Our studies fees are beyond my mother's ability to pay. I would like help to have the opportunity to continue going to school and my mother's burden can be released somewhat. I sincerely thank you! 


Family Members:

  • Dang Van Luan (1970) – Father

  • Nguyen Thi Van( 1984) – Mother

  • Dang Van Tai (2018) – Brother – Kindergarten


L.O.V.E.'s Note:  The mother alone works and takes care of her husband and children. The family is really needy. A family sponsorship is highly recommended.