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Dang Phuoc Thanh Thao


June 2, 2014



School Level:

Going into 3rd grade

 Favorite subject:


Dream/ Hobbies: 


Number of Siblings:


Father's Occupation:

Passed away

Mother's Occupation:

unskilled labor

Family Income/mo.:


# Children in School:


# Living in the Home:


My father died of a stroke and left my mother with 3 children in school. My mother has to be a breadwinner. My mother's job is to sell bread, and sometimes to clean houses for others. Her income is very low and unstable. Besides, she often goes to hospital because she used to have a surgery for fibrocystic breast. My family is now sharing the house with my grandmother and uncle’s family. My relatives also have a hard life with unstable work and income, so they cannot help us. My mother has to carry a very heavy burden, which is beyond her ability to cover the family’s expenses and school fees.

I am the youngest child and in grade 2. My two older brothers are in grade 9 and 6. I love art and I often draw in my free time. I feel very happy to go to school. But it’s so difficult for my mother to send me and my siblings to school, even more difficult when my oldest brother will enter high school after this summer. Sometimes I’m a bit afraid that one of us will quit school soon. I long for your helping hand so that I can keep being at school and my mother’s burdens are somewhat lightened.

Family Members:

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