Bui Hoang Thanh Phong - Please sponsor me!

Birthday: November 21, 2012

Gender: Male

School Level: 4

Favorite subject: Math

Dream/ Hobbies: Watching cartoons

Number of Siblings: 1

Father's Occupation: Passed away

Mother's Occupation: Street vendor

Family Income/mo.: $174

Children in School: 1

Living in the Home: 4


There are four people in my family, including my grandparents, my mother, my younger sister, and me. Besides, the house is shared with my aunt and cousin. Two years ago, my father passed away in a motorbike accident. My mother is currently the breadwinner in my family, and she is also responsible for paying for my younger sister's nutrition and my study costs. My grandfather is old and weak, so he just does light work at home. My mother works as a street vendor. My mother’s work and her income are unstable.


I am in grade 4 at a primary school. I really love going to school because I can play with my friends and learn about my favorite subject. After school, I help my mother to play with my sister, and we enjoy the cartoon movies. I truly want to continue going to school. I do hope to receive your help so that I can go to school and relieve my mother's burden.

Family Members:

  • Bui Van Nhung (1953) – Grandfather

  • Tran Thi Ly (1990) – Mother – Street vendor

  • Bui Hoang Nhu Y (2019) – Younger Sister

L.O.V.E.'s Note: A child sponsorship is highly recommended.
Profile Uploaded: April, 2022